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20 Quotes to Make Your Relationship Better

By Gottman Connect Staff

Published on 11/18/2022

Even the strongest relationships may benefit from occasional encouragement, which is why we chose quotes about better intentions that will inspire you to see the bright side. 

These genuine comments written by experts can assist you in comprehending the essence of your relationship and provide guidance. Learning the fine art of listening, commitment, and love is critical to succeeding in the life dance known as marriage.

How to Use Better Intentions Quotes?

Consider some of the most realistic quotes about marriage and relationships to have a better understanding of how love works.

Use the quotes as motivation to improve your union even more and maybe get inspired to try new things that can boost your intimacy.

1. "When we know that our partner cares about us and what we are going through, it becomes easier to show that caring in return. Focus on that part of you that cares for the other and give them the chance to care for you." - Dr. Don Cole

Marriage and long-term partnerships can help people get through difficult times together. Knowing you are there for each other will build intimacy and joy.

How to Use This Quote?

  • Be inspired to schedule one-on-one time with your spouse
  • Reduce competition and focus on caring
  • Allow yourself to be supported and helped by your partner

2. “If one of your relationship
intentions is to be kinder, you might set an aspiration to speak in a gentle tone of voice today even when you feel impatient or annoyed. That aspiration is a specific, measurable goal derived from your good intention.” - Dr. Cheryl Fraser

Better intentions come from regular actions that help you build a caring routine. In this manner, you will always support your partner, wife, and husband.

How to Use This Quote?

  • Create strategies together
  • Make a morning routine
  • Remind yourself to take a loving action every day

3. “While a beautiful, harmonious [second] marriage is certainly possible, we have been learning that it takes continual concerted effort, intention, and commitment over time.” - Hannah Eaton

Marriage is all about love and balance, so these quotes can come in handy when you need a reminder that you are on the same side.

How to Use This Quote?

4. "One of the hardest things about trusting someone is learning to have confidence in your own judgment." - Terry Gaspard

Experts believe building trust takes time and effort. Having better intentions in relationships means investing in yourself and your spouse.

How to Use This Quote?

  • Assume your partner has good intentions
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Look for techniques to build trust again

5. “Trust is about more than finding signs that your partner has been unfaithful or will betray you. It’s about believing that they have your best interests at heart.”

Another strong relationship goals quote that is based on building trust and remembering you are on the same team.

How to Use This Quote?

  • Work on your communication and essential conversations
  • Look for positive aspects and focus on them
  • Open up and be vulnerable with your partner

6. "The way couples begin a discussion about a problem—how you present an issue and how your partner responds to you—is absolutely critical.” - Dr. John Gottman

The way a couple starts a conflict can determine divorce possibility, so make sure you learn how to have a productive discussion and truly listen to your spouse.

How to Use This Quote?

  • Practice kind words and a soft approach
  • Learn how to move forward and defuse an argument
  • Look for coaching and online classes that might help

7. “Never underestimate the power of intentional time with your partner.” - Terry Gaspard 

Happiness and satisfaction improve when you dedicate time and effort to your relationship. Having routines and one-on-one time with your partner is crucial for a healthy marriage. 

How to Use This Quote?

  • Dedicate time each day to talk to your partner
  • Ask genuine questions about their day
  • Initiate affection and sex regularly

8. "Remember what it means to be the listener. You don't react to what you're hearing. Just keep breathing, postpone your own agenda, and concentrate on your partner." - Dr. John Gottman 

Communication in a healthy marriage is based on learning how to listen and being there for your partner when they need you the most.

How to Use This Quote?

9. “Having a positive perspective about your partner means you hold the best intentions about their motives.”

Truly knowing your boyfriend or girlfriend means being aware of their traits and choosing to focus on the positive ones. 

How to Use This Quote?

  • Acknowledge all the parts of your partner’s personality
  • Learn how to Build Love Maps
  • Work on common goals together

10. “Intimacy is not something freely given. It requires your attention, willingness, and intentional effort.” - Gillian Florence Sanger 

While intimacy and sex should be a part of any amazing marriage and relationship, you must keep in mind that this aspect of the interaction still demands your attention.

How to Use This Quote?

  • Dedicate time to connect with your partner every day
  • Talk about fantasies and love languages openly
  • Try new things with Salsa Card Deck

11. “Great marriages don’t happen by accident, but require being intentional 365 days a year.” - Casey Caston 

Even the most loving couples must work diligently to sustain their marriage's joy and satisfaction. This delicate dance demands a great deal of patience and love.

How to Use This Quote?

  • Recognize problems early and seek counseling
  • Improve your communication and find resolution efficiently
  • Intend to work on your marriage and take action

12.“Learn to separate specific relationship problems from the overall view of your partner. Make an intentional effort to replace negative thoughts with compassion and empathy.” - Kyle Benson

It's easy to get carried away in a conflict and get defensive, but the key to success is learning to rely on your spouse and express compassion.

How to Use This Quote?

  • Share words of encouragement and support your spouse
  • Focus on the positive
  • Join groups or online classes if you need additional support

13. “Small, intentional, consistent efforts over time will profoundly transform the trajectory of your relationships.” - Zach Brittle 

Loving and lasting relationships are formed via small, continuous efforts rather than through large, infrequent occasions.

How to Use This Quote?

  • Be inspired by this quote to make daily small efforts to show affection
  • Guide your partner, husband, or wife and explain your needs

14. “Even though you may not always agree with or even understand what your partner is saying, integrating heartfulness into your marriage will enable you to be compassionate with each other in times of struggle and embrace the imperfections of your relationship with loving-kindness.” - Toni Parker 

Finding happiness during difficult times takes courage and devotion, but it's all worth it when you're married to someone kind and compassionate.

How to Use This Quote?

  • Listen to your partner’s needs and emotions without judgment
  • Focus on better intentions in relationships and trust your spouse

15. “Successful couples purposefully strive to see each other through rose-colored glasses.” -  Sanaa Hyder 

While it's natural to view your partner, boyfriend, or girlfriend as wonderful while dating, this love tendency must continue for years to come.

How to Use This Quote?

  • Remind your partner about the reasons you love them
  • Share meaningful and loving words each day

16. “It takes dedication to understand your partner's perspective and learn to accept influence.”

Being a part of someone's life entails enabling them to have the greatest influence on you. When you are on the same team, your marriage has a strong foundation. 

How to Use This Quote?

  • Ask questions and listen to your partner’s ideas
  • Acknowledge the things they are trying to communicate even if you disagree

17. "In order to work on your relationship, there has to be a strong desire to do so and the ability to be open to new ideas and new behaviors." - Irina Firstein

The most resilient relationships are not those that are free of conflict, but those that are adaptable and receptive to change. Growing old with another person entails growing together.

How to Use This Quote?

18. "Love takes work….even if it’s meant to be." - Kyle Benson

Simply because your love is meant to be does not mean you should disregard your partner's desire for attention and love. Better intentions quotes such as this one motivate us to persevere.

How to Use This Quote?

  • Accept that relationship requires dedication and time to grow and improve
  • Contribute to your happiness every day

19. “All relationships require work, attention, patience, and tolerance from both parties and even the successful ones can be challenging at the best of times.” - Jacqueline Vanderpuye 

Another excellent and motivating saying that will help you understand that conflict is natural and that you can always improve your relationship.

How to Use This Quote?

20. “At the end of the day, you can either focus on what's tearing you apart or what's keeping you together.”

While Building a Life Together is not an easy endeavor, it is perhaps the most satisfying one you can do.

How to use this quote?

  • Establish common goals to strengthen your relationship
  • Focus on the positive aspects rather than the negative ones
  • Intend to make things work and guide your partner

Final Thoughts

Applying motivating quotes and establishing better intentions with your partner may work wonders for your relationship. If you want further incentive and assistance, consider the following:

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